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How does the mezzanine floor process begin?

At Mezz One, you start your mezzanine process by simply giving us a call or dropping us an email. Once you have made contact, we will be in touch to find out all the relevant information we need to begin designing and planning your mezz floor. If you know exactly what you are looking for and what dimensions you need, this is great – be sure to include all the information you think is relevant when you contact us. Our office team will design your floor according to your requirements and send you back the plans so you can confirm you are happy before we proceed. 

Will a project manager be overseeing the project?

Every project we undertake at Mezz One is overseen by a project manager or lead who is answerable to the director. By having a project manager, we can ensure that quality control and safety measures are in place throughout the project. You have a single point of contact with whom you can discuss any concerns or queries along the way. The project managers at Mezz One take their roles very seriously and are there to make sure your project runs smoothly from start to finish. 

How disruptive is a mezz floor installation?

Mezzanine floor installations are minimal in terms of disruption compared to other expansion projects. However, you must expect some disruption during your project. This will depend on the type of installation you have and where your installation is taking place. If, for example, the mezz team are in your main workshop, they will need access to the whole floor to complete the project safely and effectively. This could mean a level of disruption to your team, and you may need to move them elsewhere whilst the project is underway. At Mezz One, we take every step to ensure the disruptions are kept to a minimum, and we will work with you to find the best solution so your team can carry on working. 

What building regulations are standard for a mezzanine floor?

Your mezzanine level will require an application to the building control body before starting any work. The application can be sent to either your local authority or a privately approved inspector. Mezz One will advise and support the BCB application for you. We will provide any drawings and calculations needed to gain approval from the BCB. 

Generally speaking, mezzanine levels require strict regulations in the form of: 

A – Structure

B – Fire safety

K – Protection from falling, collision and impact 

M – Access to and use of buildings

We will support you with each of these standards and any other that may be applicable during your design and application process. 

How quickly can you complete the mezzanine level project?

This question very much depends on the work we are carrying out, the size of the project and our access limitations. Your project manager will ensure that time frames are followed, and if we plan to be with you longer than initially agreed, we will discuss this with you ahead of time. We will ensure that all work is completed safely and effectively, but a mezzanine project cannot be rushed due to the build’s safety aspects. 

What experience does the mezzanine team have?

The team at Mezz One has varying levels of experience in the mezzanine and construction industry. All our staff carry out regular training, including health and safety. All have worked on a considerable variety of mezzanine installations throughout their careers – from installing to dismantling and relocating. Our team take great pride in their work and being able to offer you a permanent, safe solution to your space expansion needs. 

Do you offer aftercare support once the mezzanine floor has been installed?

Many of our clients at Mezz One are repeat clients, not just because of the level of service we offer at the beginning of your project but because of the support we provide after finishing your installation and leaving your site. We are here for all your queries and questions after having your mezzanine safely installed and will be happy to answer any questions you have. If you have a problem with your installation or you need one of us to visit to look at something, give us a call

Will the project be signed off by a qualified person?

Once a mezzanine has been safely installed, an approved external person must sign off before it can be deemed safe to use. You will be provided with an inspection document to confirm your mezzanine is signed off and secure to use. This same approved inspector will also see the drawings before the installation starts, and they will pay a visit to the site to check the mezzanine meets all expectations. 

What specifications do you need from me to start the process?

When deciding whether you would benefit from a mezzanine installation, there are two routes you can take. Either you know exactly what you are looking for and have measurements ready to give us, or you just know you need to expand but would like support in doing so. Booking a discovery call with Mezz One will provide you with everything you need to know and what we will need from you to carry out your design process. A member of the team may be able to visit your site so you can discuss your requirements firsthand and we can understand your space and needs before we continue. 

Is planning permission needed for a mezzanine floor?

Generally speaking, planning permission is often not required for a mezzanine floor installation. However, this is subject to a few points. If you are looking to expand your floor space by more than 200sqm, or your plans will change the exterior of your building, you will need planning permission before continuing. You may also need planning permission if your building usage changes because of your flooring addition. Mezz One will be able to advise you further as to whether you need planning permission once we understand your needs and expectations. 


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