The Best Mezzanine Flooring & Space Solutions Company in the UK

Mezz One provides a range of quality mezzanine services, tailored to meet your requirements and expectations. We have experience in everything from simple storage expansion to large warehouse mezzanine projects.



The leading Mezzanine flooring & space solutions company in the United Kingdom

Mezz One provide a wide variety of high-quality mezzanine services, tailored to meet your requirements and expectations. We have experience in a range of projects from simple storage expansion and quality retail mezzanine floors to large warehouse mezzanine installation projects and industrial mezzanine floors.

Our team enjoy nothing more than a challenge so if you have a particular bespoke space that you want to increase, we will cater to your individual requirements to give you a usable space that matches your business needs. All our work is carried out in-house, from taking your initial enquiry, working with our design team to draw out the spec for your new expanded floor space and carrying out the work. We believe in providing you with a first-class service that provides you with additional floor space so you can expand your business in the comfort of your own premises.  

Mezz One Overview

The word mezzanine drives from the Italian ‘mezzanino’ which translates as “in between’ or “middle”. In the UK mezzanines are becoming an increasingly popular way of increasing the square footage of a building or warehouse without having to relocate or payout for costly building work. A mezzanine is generally placed midway between the ground floor and the ceiling (for single tiered solutions) and can extend to roughly halfway across the ground floor level, providing a viewing space from the open front. 

Increase the square footage of your premises without the cost or hassle of moving by installing a  mezzanine floor in the free airspace above your head. At Mezz One, the UK’s leading mezzanine flooring company, we specialise in all aspects of mezzanine floors, including bespoke design, manufacturing and installation, as well as suspended ceilings, partitioning and other mezzanine accessories.

As we have ample experience in the mezzanine flooring industry, you can be sure of a quick and simple design and buying process. We will always offer expert advice and support that ensures you get the perfect mezzanine floor for your needs. You’ll have access to a wide range of products and accessories that will enhance and characterise your mezzanine floor, including handrails, staircases, decking, storage and shelving solutions.

Based in Milton Keynes, we are ideally positioned to cover London and the surrounding areas, but we don’t stop there! Our team travel from Brighton to Birmingham to Scotland (ideally not on the same day!) So, if you’re looking to expand your business without the expense or stress of moving, our free-standing, purpose-built mezzanine floors are an effective solution for your business.


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"Saved 20% overheads over night"


Having our office team and warehouse team in the same building was something we always wanted. However, we didn't think it would be possible so soon.

After finding Mezz One on Google, they came to visit us at our premises to see how we could build office space into our warehouse. After an hour conversation and walk around the premises, they were able to come back with a proposal within 3 days. 3 weeks later, our mezzanine was built and our office space was starting to take shape.

"Doubled my warehouse space in 2 weeks!"


We were considering moving premises due to needing more space for our expanding logistics company. After our discovery call with Mezz One, we quickly realised a mezzanine was the solution to our problem.

We spent less money on a mezzanine than the increase in the first years rent if we'd have moved premises, not to mention the costs of moving all of our stock and operations.

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