Dismantle & Relocation of your mezzanine floor

We know that at some point in your business life, you are going to need to move premises. This relocation could occur for a number of reasons but whatever the reason, you need to have a mezzanine team on hand who you can trust to dismantle and relocate your mezzanine floor when you need it most. 

The dismantling and relocating of your mezzanine floor by professionals like Mezz One can offer a host of benefits to your business. Not only can we minimise disruption to your important operations, but this solution can be a huge cost saver for you. Mezz One support the dismantling of your existing floor and we can even relocate this to your new location.

In addition, we offer an adaptation service meaning your mezzanine levels will fit perfectly in your new location, even if the dimensions are different. Our professional team can fabricate both on and off-site meaning your floor can be prepared for a quick, safe installation. Upon instruction, we will take care of the whole operation on your behalf, including transportation and the rebuild within your new premises. By offering a comprehensive and complete solution, we ensure you cut out the middle man and only deal with one company – Mezz One. 

Mezz One offers this entire service across the whole of the UK. There are no size restrictions on what our team can achieve, so contact us today and see how we can help you!


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"Saved 20% overheads over night"


Having our office team and warehouse team in the same building was something we always wanted. However, we didn't think it would be possible so soon.

After finding Mezz One on Google, they came to visit us at our premises to see how we could build office space into our warehouse. After an hour conversation and walk around the premises, they were able to come back with a proposal within 3 days. 3 weeks later, our mezzanine was built and our office space was starting to take shape.

"Doubled my warehouse space in 2 weeks!"


We were considering moving premises due to needing more space for our expanding logistics company. After our discovery call with Mezz One, we quickly realised a mezzanine was the solution to our problem.

We spent less money on a mezzanine than the increase in the first years rent if we'd have moved premises, not to mention the costs of moving all of our stock and operations.

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