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The future of eCommerce sales in the UK

A recent study conducted by Statistica shows that eCommerce has grown dramatically in the last 8 years and this is only set to increase over the next 4 years. Statistic reports that by 2025, eCommerce sales could grow by over 50% ‘reaching 7.4 trillion dollars [worldwide] by 2025’. If you are a business that relies on your eCommerce sales, this could be fantastic news for you, but how are you going to keep up with demand if you are running out of space in your current premises. With rising costs affecting individuals and businesses across the UK right now, business owners are less inclined to move to larger locations and would prefer to stay where they are. Luckily, Mezz One has a successful solution for you to keep your current premises and grow to support your rising eCommerce storage requirements

More often than not, Mezzanine flooring is seen as the best solution for creating additional square footage without having to relocate or build externally to maximise your premises. This is because mezzanine levels are more cost-effective than other expansion solutions. Mezzanine floors are built internally without affecting the external walls of your building (in most cases) and therefore planning permission isn’t normally required. Mezz One will advise and guide you on the building regulations and applications required to ensure your eCommerce storage solution is signed off and approved for use. 

eCommerce storage mezzanine levels that work for your business

In order to prepare for the rise in eCommerce sales, it’s worth investing some time, energy and money into your current warehouse space so you aren’t suddenly fighting for space as your eCommerce storage needs increase. Installing a mezzanine level could be the cost-effective solution you are looking for and Mezz One is the reliable team to help you. 

Mezzanine floors that are used for storage are designed and manufactured using the highest quality materials and are constructed to withstand substantial weight and loads. Whether you are looking to store comprehensive racking or multiple shelving layouts, mezzanine floors could be the answer you’re looking for. Mezzanine levels can be used in your central warehouse to hold surplus stock or they can be adapted to fit comfortably in your retail store where you can hold your eCommerce products within easy reach. 

As mezzanine levels are a free-standing, semi-permanent structure within your premises, it’s important to first identify what you will be using the level for, so we can ensure the correct materials are used when designing your space. The grid structure that forms the skeleton of your mezzanine floor will be specially designed to hold the ideal weight and can accommodate heavy loads. 

Flexible expansion for future growth targets

Your customers expect their deliveries to turn up on time and in great condition. Whilst you may not always be able to control your product after it has left your warehouse or store, you can control your product condition and timely deliveries whilst it’s in your eCommerce storage solution. Mezzanine levels not only provide you with great additional storage space, but they offer the ability to be completely organised and in control of the stock you do have. Not using a racking or shelving system to store your eCommerce products could leave them damaged and unsellable – resulting in a big cost to you and your business. 

Organise and manage your stock by installing mezzanine flooring that offers you the eCommerce storage space needed to store your items in sections using racking to separate products, giving you plenty of time to find the ordered product that’s in great condition to send on to your loyal customer. Increase your facilities by hanging product systems for eCommerce retail and keep your clothes out of cardboard boxes and off the ground. 

When you install a mezzanine flooring system, you aren’t only solving your eCommerce storage problems now but investing in your future so you have enough storage space for the booming years to come. Once you grow out of your space, even with a Mezz One mezzanine installed, let us know and we will support your move to a larger location by dismantling and relocating your mezzanine flooring, meaning you will instantly increase the square footage of your new premises as well. 

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Mezz One are the cost-effective eCommerce storage mezzanine level team

At Mezz One, we pride ourselves on being the expert team you can call upon when you need support to increase your square footage. From installing simple mezzanine floors for additional office space to designing and constructing comprehensive flooring for production lines, we are the reliable and fast-paced team you need for your eCommerce storage solution. 

From the moment you get in contact, the service we provide will be tailored to you and your needs. We work with you to design your mezzanine flooring, ensuring that all building regulations and applications are adhered to and signed off. Our team works quickly and efficiently as we know every day spent without your extended space could be costing you money. Speak to our team today to expand your space and reach new heights for your eCommerce storage solutions. 

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