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Fabrication is the ability to make something from scratch rather than using pre-existing, finished products. Mezz One is a bespoke company through and through, so it makes sense that we offer fabrication of all our mezzanine floors and projects. By producing our finished products from raw materials, we can ensure that your design and specification meet high standards and sign off by all necessary building and legal regulations.

Mezz One can offer you a variety of finishes on your mezzanine flooring so that you can remain in keeping with the buildings surroundings and your design. Our steel platforms and floors are fabricated using a number of options with the opportunity to add in optional extras as and when you see fit. These extras could include handrails, access points and pallet gates. All our products comply with UK building and legal regulations as well as British standards and structural loadings. 

Mezz One is proud to continue leading in the mezzanine flooring market across the UK. We have supported various businesses, from small warehouses to retail stores and commercial workspaces. Our experienced and friendly team is available to conduct site visits and initial meetings when required to provide an accurate quotation, provide advice and design support, and answer any concerns you may have. Most of our clients refer like-minded businesses to us, and all are repeat customers, coming back for future projects and adaptations to existing structures. 


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"Saved 20% overheads over night"


Having our office team and warehouse team in the same building was something we always wanted. However, we didn't think it would be possible so soon.

After finding Mezz One on Google, they came to visit us at our premises to see how we could build office space into our warehouse. After an hour conversation and walk around the premises, they were able to come back with a proposal within 3 days. 3 weeks later, our mezzanine was built and our office space was starting to take shape.

"Doubled my warehouse space in 2 weeks!"


We were considering moving premises due to needing more space for our expanding logistics company. After our discovery call with Mezz One, we quickly realised a mezzanine was the solution to our problem.

We spent less money on a mezzanine than the increase in the first years rent if we'd have moved premises, not to mention the costs of moving all of our stock and operations.

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