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car showroom mezzanine

Why should you install a car showroom mezzanine this year?

When your clients walk into your car showroom, you want them to be blown away by the beautiful car choices you have on offer. As soon as they enter the building, they should be dazzled with the latest in your car stock and have the space to wander unhindered through your models to find the perfect one. However, if your clients are trying to walk between various office desks and admin piles, you won’t be giving them the best customer experience. If this sounds like your building, you might be considering how a car showroom mezzanine could help your business this year. 

Installing a car showroom mezzanine in your space will leave you with the extra room you need to move your offices and administration to a personal level, so you can use the ground floor to invite your clients in and show them the latest in which cars you have to offer. Not only will you have more room for your beautiful cars, but you will also be able to create a designated space for your clients to sit and have a coffee, charge their phones and have a relaxed discussion with one of your sales team. 

Mezzanine levels offer extra space within your existing building

One of the main benefits a car showroom mezzanine level can offer is to increase the floor space within your existing building. Mezzanine levels are built internally using the area above your ground floor. If you have high ceilings in your showroom and keep looking at the wasted space, a mezzanine level could be the perfect answer for you. Mezzanine levels are ideal for creating new office and storage space so you can focus on the gleaming showroom downstairs. Renovating your existing building will add value to your property and eliminate the need to relocate to a larger unit. 

Installing a car showroom mezzanine is possibly more straightforward than you may initially think. Generally, planning permission is only required when you are increasing your retail space by more than 200sqm or if your installation is going to require amendments to be made to the exterior of the unit. If you are not sure whether you need planning permission to install a car showroom mezzanine, the Mezz One team will support you by providing advice and guidance along the way, including assisting with any and all planning applications required. 

The benefits of a car showroom mezzanine level

A mezzanine level is an excellent way of adding more space to your car showroom without the need to expand your building. This is especially useful if you’re in a unit that doesn’t allow for exterior expansion or you are unable to relocate.  A mezzanine level is a platform that sits above your showroom floor and can be used for storage, office space, or an extra retail unit. A mezzanine expansion can be accessed by a staircase. There are many benefits of having a car showroom mezzanine level:

  • An accessible storage area to store extra stock and materials, especially when you don’t have much room for storage. 
  • Private space for your administration staff to work from and protect confidential files – a must for a commercial showroom. 
  • Space expansion allows you to focus on bringing a wider variety of car models into your showroom. 
  • Adapt a private meeting room space where you can hold your team meetings and discuss KPIs. 
  • Bring more light into your showroom by opening up the previous office space and letting in natural light. 
  • A larger ground floor space where you can focus on creating merchandise stands and client facing coffee areas. 

Ultimately, the most significant benefit for your car business is that when you install a car showroom mezzanine, you will be saving money whilst expanding your space. Increasing your current unit’s square footage will always be more cost-effective than relocating to a bigger unit. 

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Mezz One is the qualified mezzanine team for your showroom installation

If you are a car dealer, you are well aware of the importance of a car showroom. A car showroom is the presentation of your brand and how it is perceived in the market. It is the first place that your customers see your brand and its products. You want to impress them with your showroom and make them want to buy your products. The first thing that the customers notice when they enter a car showroom is the entrance. You can use the opening to make a statement that says a lot about your brand. A suitable car showroom mezzanine will be an attractive feature of your showroom and will make a positive statement to your customers.

At Mezz One, we understand how important your showroom is to you, and that’s why we always provide our clients with cost-effective, high-quality services to increase your floor space. Our qualified mezz installation teams have worked on various commercial and private projects to increase square footage and leave clients with a refreshed working space to expand their offerings. If you are considering installing a car showroom mezzanine in 2022, or you would like some more information about what the process involves, give our reliable team a call today and get your mezzanine questions answered. 


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