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Running out of space, buying a building that isnt big enough?

A mezzanine floor installed is one of the most cost-efficient and ways to create extra space for your business. Make use of that wasted vertical space with a bespoke mezzanine floor.

  • Saves having to move to bigger premises
  • Saves having to get somewhere additional
  • Allows you to bring outside storage/service in
  • Expanding, need space for additional production
  • Expanding, need space for additional offices
  • Expanding, need space for additional storage
  • Contracting, combining 2 or more sites.
  • Takeover, implant.
  • Trying to increase profit, save money, or both.


Priced Example

To supply, deliver and install mezzanine floor to your site dimensions using all new material, produced under quality standards ISO 9001,14001, OHSAS18001 and BS EN1090 (CE marked).

Length: 5m

Width: 2.6m

Column Grid : 4.900m x 2.300m (600mm deck-beam centres)

Floor to floor level (FFL) : 2.4m

Construction Depth : 292mm (giving free height 2.108m below the mezzanine)

Decking : 38mm Particle Board (TG2, standard type P6)

Loads : Imposed load – 4.800 kN/m² U.D.L. plus
Dead load (mezzanine self-weight) – 0.350 kN/m² U.D.L. plus
Service load – 0.000 kN/m² U.D.L.
(no allowance made for services, ceiling etc. supported from the floor)

Deflection : All steel members have been designed with a maximum deflection of L/250 in accordance with the requirements of BS5950 Part 1: 2000

Base Plates : We have included for max. 250mm x 250mm x 10mm thick base plates

Column Loads : Estimated maximum axial load 78kN (unfactored) to floor slab (braced bay columns will attract additional loading due to notional horizontal forces)

Hand-railing : (standard square post, side palm, twin railed hand-railing)

Kicker : Included for all hand-railing, in 100mm grey G.R.P.

Staircases : None

Surface Finishes : Main steel – shot-blasted, primed and one top-coat colour blue (RAL5010)
Decking – natural
Deck-beams and handrails – galvanised.
Handrail posts, stair treads – black powder coated.

Fire protection: Not required if total mezzanine area is less than 50% of the containing area, not enclosed  and the floor will not be a permanent place of work.


Please Note: Provision of any lighting HVAC or fire detection systems is currently excluded from our specification and quotation.

Mezzanine floors should be approved by both Building Regulations and the fire officer and you can make this application yourself or we can do it for you for an additional fee. The approval should be in place prior to manufacture and installation or we can proceed prior to approval on your instruction and letter of indemnity.

In support of any application you do make, we will provide copies of all the drawings and calculations which prove our design. The Floor will be signed to show the safe working loads proven by these calculations.

Price includes installation + delivery to England, Wales, Scotland up to Edinburgh/Glasgow, also includes pre-manufacture site survey and assumes there will be a Fork Lift Truck (FLT) on site for unloading.



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