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Within warehouse and factory environments, Mezzanine floors are semi-permanent structures constructed over either single or multi tiers that create additional floor space for a varying range of uses. The typical and most common uses of mezzanine floors are to create storage, office, or production space.

Quite simplistic in their construction, they are manufactured from the following components: Main beams, Columns and Timber Decking and are complimented with accessories such as staircases, handrail systems and pallet gates.

Mezzanines are mostly installed after construction of the original warehouse and can range in size. Often used to offer supplementary space (or over spill space) they tend to occupy a small footprint in the original space, however mezzanine floors can also be installed to occupy the majority (or all) of the original build footprint. In essence turning a property into a two storey building (or more). They offer an excellent alternative to business owners who wish to expand their operations without the upheaval and significant costs of moving premises.

Mezzanine floors are also often specified to be included in the original build of a warehouse, commonly as multi-tier structures. When specifying a new building it is easy to incorporate a concrete slab that can accommodate a multi-tier structure. The use of these mezzanine floors (which are often large) are for office space, large storage areas (such as self-store units) or large picking and packing areas utilised by companies such as Amazon or Asos.

The nature of how mezzanines are constructed (steel beams, columns, purlins, and timber decks) makes them incredibly flexible from a functionality perspective. Column grids can be designed around new or existing production lines and within office spaces, the columns can be sunken into partition walls. The structure of a mezzanine floor can also easily accommodate electrical services, air conditioning systems and sprinkler systems.

Overall, considering the incredible cost benefits (when compared to block and beam solutions) and the incredible flexibility a mezzanine floor offers with relation to its uses, it’s easy to see why they are one of the most popular solutions for business owners and are an integral component in the running of a successful warehouse.

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