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Mezzanine Floors are unrivaled in space utilization and a mezzanine floor installation will double its own area in usable space. Mezzanine flooring is the most cost effective way to release otherwise unused space above normal working height. When a business expands, the need for extra space puts pressure on retail, storage and office areas. Mezzanine Floors will quickly release extra work space in the buildings volume, at an affordable price and are not subject to business rates. We can design mezzanine floors with spans and load capacities that work in harmony with your current ground floor activities. We also offer a competitive lease purchase option.

Mezzanines and Storage Equipment are Birmingham, West Midlands based and therefore ideally placed ( geographically ) to supply cost effective high quality mezzanine flooring systems locally and also  throughout the UK. We have designed and installed a wide variety of mezzanine floors over the years from restaurants, breweries, car showrooms and schools etc. We have also designed unusual Mezzanine Floor installations including  work space oxford, Serco Home Affairs, Manchester Airport , Manchester Printers, Brinks Global Services, Beavertown Brewery London.

Mezzanines and Storage Equipment will work with you to unlock valuable work-space within your facility and offer you a quality solution with a Mezzanine Floor installation. You have taken the time to visit our site, which suggests that you environment already be at a premium. You may have made the decision to install mezzanine flooring and benefit from the increased space that a mezzanine floor installation will offer you. We will be pleased to visit you and discuss your proposals and requirements. Call Us Today –  0800 118 4022 or email

Mezzanine Floors are versatile with many practical applications, and can be used for conventional raised storage platforms, conveyor track support or multi tiered platforms etc.  Mezzanine flooring can be installed rapidly and with little disruption, from Building regulations initial application, drawing approval, manufacture and installation can all be achieved in as little as 4 weeks. We will design, manufacture and install your mezzanine floor and mezzanine flooring ancillaries, on time and crucially on budget. A mezzanine floor will add value to your business and increase profitability within your facility for years to come. we will work closely with you to offer a cost effective mezzanine floor design that we will both be proud of.

Mezzanines are the cornerstone of our business, but in addition to mezzanines, we also offer a range of partitioning & ceilings & storage and materials handling equipment, including the following –Benches, Shelving, Long Span Racking, New & Used Pallet Racking, Small Parts Storage, Lockers, Plastic Bins & Containers, Tote Pans & Tote Pan Racks. Visit our shop or call us today –  0800 118 4022 or drop us an email

Mezzanine Floor Projects And Installations Throughout The UK


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