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Installing a mezzanine office could be your ideal cost-effective solution for office expansion. Whether you are expanding your workforce and looking for space solutions, or looking to split your staff into departments whilst maintaining a sense of cohesion, an office mezzanine floor could be the solution for you.

A mezzanine office is a great way of providing new footprint within your existing premises, thus saving all associated moving costs and upheaval.

Mezz One can simply and effectively install an office mezzanine floor for your workplace in a relatively short amount of time, with minimum disruption to your operations. Having additional space can create a more comfortable environment for staff and a mezzanine office is also flexible to any future space change requirements.

We can install a mezzanine office onto or underneath your existing mezzanine, or provide a complete office and mezzanine floor combination. We can manage the whole project including building regulations, electrics and the relocation of any pallet racking or shelving that will facilitate the space.

We can also provide a range of additional services and fittings for your mezzanine office such as the installation of suspended ceilings, office partitioning and small goods lifts, as well as supplying blinds, furniture and screens to create your desired atmosphere.

It’s vital you invest time with a committed and interested partner to get the design right for your needs. Mezz One will sit with you to ensure the design is fit for purpose, traffic flows and all Building Control Regulations that cover office mezzanine floors have been addressed. We’ll produce CAD drawings showing stairs and means of escape. We can even help you prepare the business case to justify the expenditure on a mezzanine office compared to other forms of office expansion.

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