This universal access stairway system reaches a substantial height of up to 4000mm and is designed with an overall width of 1300mm, ensuring ample space for passage. Each tread spans 1200mm in width and is constructed with a closed riser design, with riser heights ranging from 150mm to 170mm.

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For office, production, storage and everyday use:

  • 1000mm treads 
  • Closed treads 
  • Prices up to 4000mm in height
  • Includes mid-landing platform

The tread depth alternates between 250mm and 265mm, catering to a comfortable stepping rhythm. The material used for treads is the durable Durbar chequer plate, which is also featured in the included mid-landing finish, enhancing grip and safety. 

The treads are painted, making them ideal for heavy-duty use. The stairway system comes in a sophisticated graphite grey (RAL 7024) as standard.

The system includes a mid-landing, available as either a single or double landing, and offers a variety of orientations, including straight, quarter-turn left, quarter-turn right, and return type. The same graphite grey colour is standard for the landing.