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relocating your mezzanine floor

Are you moving business premises in 2022?

If your business is multiplying, there will undoubtedly come a time when you need to consider expanding to a larger building to offer the best service to your clients. If you have already installed a mezzanine floor on your current premises, you will be able to delay this costly move, but it may still be in your mind for the future. 

It can be difficult to imagine when or where you may have to relocate, and if you have a mezzanine level you have invested in, logistics could be a little more challenging. That’s why Mezz One offers effective dismantling and relocating services, so you can be sure that you don’t leave your mezzanine level behind wherever you move to. 

This month, the Mezz One team looks at considerations before relocating your mezzanine floor and how we could remove the stress and worry for you by taking this project on your behalf.

Relocating your mezzanine floor to save on costs

One of the huge benefits many businesses find when installing a mezzanine level is that the structure is entirely flexible. If you need to move to a larger building to contain your expanding business, you don’t have to leave your mezzanine floor behind. Relocating your mezzanine floor couldn’t be easier when you work with a reputable company like Mezz One, which will handle all your mezzanine relocation logistics. This makes investing in a mezzanine level an actual cost-effective exercise for your growing company. 

When you work with Mezz One, you can have peace of mind that our team will ensure your mezzanine relocation goes smoothly. By discussing the logistics and adaptations with you beforehand, when we come to the physical side of dismantling your mezzanine level, we will already be confident in the adjustments that need to be made and where your new floor will be relocated to. Our vast experience means that your mezzanine floor will be in safe hands from the moment we arrive on-site until after we finish installing it in your new location. 

Considerations before dismantling and relocating your mezzanine floor

Mezzanine levels are often the most sensible and cost-effective way to grow your business. Delay the costs of relocating to larger premises and expanding your storage area by placing an extra level in the space above your head! However, we know that there will come a time when even with your mezzanine level, you are running out of room to house your staff and provide a safe and practical area to work. When the time has come for you to move, consider the below points before you sign on the dotted line. 

The size of your new building 

The chances are, if you are looking to expand your space further, your new building will be larger than your original. As your mezzanine level is a free-standing structure that does not affect your external walls (unless you have requested this), then your mezzanine level will fit in your space with potentially only a few adjustments. Ensure you have the measurements of your new premises to hand when speaking to Mezz One, and we can make sure your mezzanine level fits. 

Placement of your mezzanine level

Where will you place your mezzanine level when you get to your new location? Special consideration must be taken for the space in your new site and whether your mezzanine level will fit safely and effectively in the area you have. Your mezz team at Mezz One will be able to guide you throughout the process and ensure that your mezzanine level continues to be a safe and effective space enhancer for your location. 

Special adaptations to your mezzanine level

If your new building is designed differently from your original space, your mezzanine level may need to be lengthened/shortened to fit. This is relatively straightforward and requires little effort from your end. Your Mezz One team will support you by discussing any and all adaptations that need to be made to your existing mezzanine level.

The layout of your new premises

As a mezzanine level is so flexible, you may want to consider using your floor for something else when you relocate it to your new space. If it was previously used as extra office space, you might consider relocating your packaging line or storage area to your new location. Your trusted mezzanine team will be able to advise you of the best uses for your mezzanine level, including any weight restrictions or adjustments that may need to be made to ensure you can continue to use your level safely. 

Logistics of relocating your mezzanine floor

Now comes the fun part! Once you are happy that your existing mezzanine floor will fit your new space, it’s time to dismantle your flooring and relocate it to your new location. Mezz One prides itself in dismantling and relocating mezzanine floors safely, effectively, and efficiently. We will take over all the logistics of your moving project, and the team will dismantle your floor before moving it to your new premises and installing it there. From here, it will be signed off by an approved inspector as being safe to use – much like when it was initially installed. 

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Mezz One can support you to expand your new premises this year 

If you are looking for a way to increase your existing workspace, you may be completely forgetting about the space right above you! Installing a mezzanine level in your current workspace is not only a cost-effective solution to expansion, but it is an investment that you could take to new premises in the future. When you work with Mezz One, you can feel confident that you have an experienced team who can dismantle and relocate your mezzanine floor for you, so you can get on with relocating the rest of your business. 

Whether you are looking to install a mezzanine for the first time or need support moving your premises, the Mezz One team is here to support you. Just give us a call or complete our online quote form, and one of the team will be in touch with you very soon. 

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