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What happened with the Hackney Wick bar collapse?

Many of us will have seen the tragic news in February of the Hackney Wick bar collapse in London. Although no one died, 13 people were injured as a result of the mezzanine floor collapsing and the London Fire Brigade had to rescue seven guests who were trapped under the rubble. A major incident was declared with emergency response services attending the scene and 4 people were taken into hospital via the London Ambulance service. It is for this reason amongst others that the installation of safe mezzanines should be paramount to any business who is using these structures. 

This partial building collapse has resulted in mezzanine flooring and the safety of installation being scrutinised by authorities and those who are trying to find out how this awful event could happen in the first place. Mezz One look at the importance of safe mezzanines and why you should only work with reputable mezzanine specialists when designing and planning an installation of your new mezzanine level.

Safety measures and building regulations for safe mezzanines

Whilst it is still unclear how the mezzanine level in the London pub collapsed, there are many building regulations and safety measures that are in place to reduce mezzanine risk and ultimately prevent these terrible events from happening. This includes ensuring the installation is safe and signed off by relevant bodies and having a maximum load-bearing on the platform that is adhered to at all times. Mezz One is a professional team of mezzanine installation professionals and abides by strict safety measures and building regulations to protect users of the mezzanine levels and visitors to the buildings. 

With 4 approved building regulation documents that must be adhered to in order to install a safe and successful mezzanine – whether that’s for extra floor space or extended office space – its important to ensure that your mezzanine level is designed in compliance with these regulations as well as fire regulations and quality standards. Planning permission is generally only required when you are increasing retail space by over 200sqm or there are planned changes to exterior walls. Your Mezz One team will be able to advise you of this during the planning and design stages and will support you to apply for planning prior to your installation taking place. 

If you are planning a mezzanine installation, you will need a building regulations application as this will ensure your level is signed off by an approved inspector as being safe and ready for use. Just like you would risk assessing all parts of your building for the safety and protection of staff, your mezzanine level is no different and should be risk assessed regularly to ensure users are safe. Mezz One will provide you with all the data you need to draft an accurate risk assessment including maximum weights and wear and tear guidance. 

Tips to using your mezzanine floor safely 

Between 2018-2019, the HSE reported 40 fatal work accidents involving working from a height. As a mezzanine level is constructed in the space above the ground floor, workers using this space are classed as ‘working from height’. For this reason, it’s imperative that mezzanine safety is prioritised and mezzanine levels are safely designed, installed and approved prior to using the area. 

Mezzanines, when installed correctly, following building regulations and safety measures, are a safe and effective way of gaining extra space in your building, for a growing team or simply for storage. Hundreds of companies across the UK utilise great mezzanine levels for eCommerce solutions, warehousing needs or simply to provide a comfortable working space for office staff. Here are a few tips to use your mezzanine safely once it has been installed by your mezz team: 

  • Follow the guidance of your mezzanine team 
  • Regularly risk assess your platform 
  • Check for wear and tear regularly 
  • Only use reputable teams to dismantle your mezzanine floor 
  • Don’t overload your mezzanine level
  • Don’t make changes to your mezzanine level – consult your mezz team

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Mezz One install safe mezzanines across the UK 

Mezz One, based in Buckinghamshire, provide a wide variety of mezzanine services to many clients. Every client we work with is unique and that is why our services are tailored and bespoke for each project. Our experience ranges from simple storage expansion to large warehouse installation projects and our friendly team are expert in all areas of mezzanine construction. From the beginning of our discussions, we will support you in planning and designing your mezzanine, selecting the right materials for your installation and ensuring that all permissions and regulations are adhered to. 

Our friendly mezz team have ample experience in this industry so you can be sure you will have expert advice and support that will help you get the perfect mezzanine solution for your business. If you are struggling for extra space in your premises but don’t want to relocate, get in contact with the Mezz One team today and see what we can do with the space above your heads! 

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