Storage Mezzanine Floors for growing businesses

Storage mezzanine floors are designed and manufactured to support substantial loads, They are capable of supporting racking and shelving layouts, bulk storage of pallets and heavy plant and machinery. Our Storage Mezzanine floors can accept loading’s in excess of 12,000KG, dependent on the ground bearing pressure of the warehouse floor. Our storage mezzanine floors are freestanding structures, and do not derive any stability or support from the building they are built within and therefore cannot attract any additional rates. It’s for this reason that mezzanine levels are perfect bespoke storage solutions for many companies. 

Storage mezzanine floors have cross braces to provide lateral stability to the structure with a minimum horizontal force of 2% of the total load. Our storage platforms conform to all the key changes introduced recently in the BRE Digest 437 with particular reference to new reduced deflection limits, which substantially reduce any potential sway in the structure. In addition, the new document insists upon the use of P5 or P7 particle deck boards which both have 95% strength after water penetration. Our storage mezzanine floors conform in every respect to the BRE Digest 437 directive and also building regulations applicable to the UK.

Our Storage Mezzanine floors are of the highest quality and are competitively priced. We provide a comprehensive service from initial quotation through to all stages of the mezzanine design process. We offer a turnkey solution including office/factory partitioning, suspended ceilings, electrics & lighting, carpets and office furniture.

If you are looking to expand and need additional space, Mezz One are the team for you.

We have built a wide and diverse customer base, from small businesses to multinational enterprises. We can supply multi-level structures that are the perfect solution to release extra space for production, parts stores and assembly areas (to name but a few!)

Whatever your requirements for a bespoke storage mezzanine floor, our approach remains the same, to offer you as the customer; the very best service at all times.

We hope that we can work with you on your next project and that you will become one of our valued and satisfied customers. Why not give our sales team a call today or email an initial enquiry to us and a member of the team will be in touch with you.

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"Saved 20% overheads over night"


Having our office team and warehouse team in the same building was something we always wanted. However, we didn't think it would be possible so soon.

After finding Mezz One on Google, they came to visit us at our premises to see how we could build office space into our warehouse. After an hour conversation and walk around the premises, they were able to come back with a proposal within 3 days. 3 weeks later, our mezzanine was built and our office space was starting to take shape.

"Doubled my warehouse space in 2 weeks!"


We were considering moving premises due to needing more space for our expanding logistics company. After our discovery call with Mezz One, we quickly realised a mezzanine was the solution to our problem.

We spent less money on a mezzanine than the increase in the first years rent if we'd have moved premises, not to mention the costs of moving all of our stock and operations.

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