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Benefits to having a warehouse mezzanine floor

  • Significantly cheaper than renting another storage facility.
  • Utilises redundant vertical space to increase your storage capacity by a minimum of 100%.
  • By installing correctly designed shelving systems above and below a warehouse mezzanine floor, can significant increase stock volume.
  • Modular design allowing fast and efficient installation and if required can be extended or relocated to new premises.
  • Tailored designs to meet individual needs to create single or multi-level floors.

Installing a warehouse mezzanine floor will not only increase your storage capacity by a minimum of 100%, it is significantly cheaper than renting new premises or having to pay expensive dilapidation costs to landlords when exiting the current premises. Furthermore, here at Teepee we offer an optional design service incorporating access staircases, loading gates, conveyors, goods lifts and shelving to not only significantly increase stock volumes but increase efficiency.

Our experienced team will plan and design your warehouse mezzanine floor to suit individual requirements, with standard mezzanine floor loads ranging from 350-1000 Kgs/m2 (heavier loads are available), constructed having either single or multi-tier levels depending upon clear headroom availability / existing concrete slab capacity.

All our warehouse mezzanine floors our prefabricated, therefore once delivered to site they can be installed with minimal disruption. Also, due it’s modular design all Teepee’s warehouse mezzanine floor installations can easily be extended or relocated to new premises.

When considering installing warehouse mezzanine flooring, deliberation relating to means of escape and warning in the event of a fire must be incorporated to obtain building regulations approval. Here at Teepee we undertake all work on behalf of our clients including communicating with the building inspector and fire officer to ensure all floors comply with current legislation.


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