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When your warehouse needs for space, don’t move – improve! The air space right above your head is free, so capitalise on this wasted area by installing a mezzanine floor and get all the extra space you need to expand your business with the time, expense and disruption of moving premises.

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Cost Effective Mezzanine Floors

When you are considering expanding your premises for more space, don’t be fooled – the options are not limited to just one additional mezzanine level.

You do not have to be limited to just one basic mezzanine, as you can have warehouse mezzanines of multiple levels if required. Installing raised multi-level steel floor platforms will hugely increase your warehouse storage facility and is considerably more cost effective than relocating to a larger premises.

Through optimising the excessive headroom of a warehouse, multi-levelled warehouse mezzanines are considered the fastest and most beneficial way of increasing your storage facilities. These tiered structures are ideal for pallet racking whilst platforms with walkways and stairs improve security and accessibility throughout the structure.

Under current UK regulations, all structures of this type need approval before being used by staff, to guarantee access to the necessary fire escapes, fire protection and emergency lighting.

Tiered StructuresTiered Structures

Warehouse Mezzanine Manufacturers

First Floors are specialist industrial mezzanine floor manufacturers. We also offer design and installation and can quickly turn your unused space into an effective, money-saving storage unit with minimum disruption to your business. 

Our warehouse mezzanine floors are all initially designed as free-standing structures, which offers the option to be extendable and re-locatable as expansion occurs within your business.

The addition of a tiered structure could have huge benefits for a business that is already situated in premises with substantial headspace, either in a warehouse or dedicated commercial facility. Each extra level adds more and more storage space, allowing your business to grow whilst remaining in its existing location.

First Floors offer a unique design and installation service that combines our years of industry experience with the needs of your business, ensuring we understand what you are trying to achieve and guaranteeing that we deliver a suitable storage solution. 

Tiered Structures

Tiered Structures

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