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mezzanine floor for retail

A brief introduction to a mezzanine floor and what they are

A mezzanine floor could offer the perfect solution to your stock levels and square footage, from running a boutique clothing store to a multinational hardware shop. But what is a mezzanine floor, and how can they help your team?

A mezzanine floor or level is an internal structure generally placed midway between the ground floor and ceiling of your building. Businesses and individuals choose to have mezzanine levels installed for various reasons. Still, the main reason is to increase the square footage of your premises without the hassle of relocating and paying extra fees. 

This month, Mezz One take a look at how mezzanine floors are revolutionising the retail industry and how it could bring benefits to your business. Mezz One are a specialist mezzanine flooring company with an excellent reputation in the UK for providing high spec industry-standard mezzanine levels to repeating and new customers. 

Installing a mezzanine floor for retail businesses with eCommerce sales

Mezzanine floors are great for retailers who want to add extra floor space without paying an excessive amount. Mezzanines can be made in any size, shape or even height to suit your needs. If you incorporate a mezzanine level into your store where customers can visit and browse through your products, a mezzanine floor creates a visual impact by separating your products into different levels. Clutter-free stores are easy on the eye and help draw customers in. 

If you’re an eCommerce sales are on the up, you will need your stock close to hand to be able to package and ship it fast. But where do you put these products until the time comes to get them over to a buying customer? If you are running out of space in your stock storage, you may want to consider installing a mezzanine level to help with stock control. Add a considerable amount (up to 50%) of the square footage of your premises by simply looking up into the space between your floor and ceiling. 

Mezzanines are not only perfect for storing your products but for showcasing them as well. Being able to show your products helps potential buyers to decide if they would like to purchase them. Let your mezzanine floor help you get your stock organised and showcased to increase your sales and customer foot traffic. Mezzanines used by the public have to adhere to strict health and safety standards and UK building regulations. When you work with a trusted mezzanine installer like Mezz One, you can be sure they will be following all the necessary regulations and industry standards to ensure your mezzanine level is safe to be used by the public. 

At Mezz One, we specialise in mezzanine floors. Whether you work in retail or warehousing, we can build a custom mezzanine floor for you. We offer free quotes, and we’re happy to show you how we’ve helped other businesses grow. Call us today!

The benefits of a mezzanine floor for retail companies 

There are many benefits to the design and installation of mezzanine levels, and we have listed our top 7 advantages below:

Extra storage

A great way to add extra space and storage if your business is growing successfully. A mezzanine level can be added to your premises so you can grow into the new space and not have to worry about storage again for a long time. 


There are many cost benefits to a mezz floor. If you are looking for extra space, a mezzanine level is much cheaper to install than moving to new premises and the related costs. You are not liable for additional building rates as it is an internal structure.

Improve organisation

Are you struggling to keep up with your continuous stock flow? Losing orders or items you know you have somewhere? Never lose an order again when you install a mezzanine level! A mezzanine floor could help your organisation by giving you the extra space to split your stock into different categories and sections.

Add value to your premises

If your premises are owned, adding a mezzanine level could significantly increase the value of your building if and when you go to sell it. Invest in a mezzanine floor now and recoup the costs later on. 

Safe and secure

When you work with a reputable company like Mezz One, you have peace of mind that all industry standards and building regulations are adhered to. We only work with the highest quality materials and ensure that your build is safe and regulated from design to completion. 


Whether you are looking for a mezzanine installation for storage space, additional offices, or to expand your production area, a mezzanine level could be the answer you are looking for. 


One of the best things about a mezzanine floor is that it is temporary. This means that if you choose to relocate in the future, you don’t have to leave your mezzanine level behind. Simply give the Mezz One team a call, and we can dismantle and relocate your mezzanine floor before rebuilding to new specifications, leaving you to deal with daily business operations. 

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Mezz One is a leading UK specialist mezzanine flooring team 

At Mezz One, we pride ourselves on providing a range of high-quality mezzanine services that are entirely tailored to your business, requirements and mezzanine expectations. We bring a host of experiences from simple expansions to multi-warehouse developments and everything in between. Whether you are looking for a mezzanine company to build a mezzanine floor you have in mind or need support with designing and planning your ideas, Mezz One and their in-house design team can support you and your goals. 

Get in touch with our friendly team today to learn more about our services, and don’t forget to ask about our dismantle and relocation team – giving you the freedom to travel with your mezz as your business needs. 

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