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mezzanine levels

Grow your retail business with additional mezzanine-level space

Retail is a sector in which business owners can make a great deal of profit. Most retail stores have limited space and therefore require extra mezzanine level space. If your retail business is growing fast and you seem to be running out of room quickly, it may be time to consider how you can get more space whilst staying in the same location.

This is where commercial mezzanine levels can come in handy. Adding an additional level to your existing building can almost double the space you have available and provide you with the room you need to rehouse products, staff or storage items. Whether you want to create another level to your building to invite customers up to, or you would prefer to rehome your surplus stock, office staff and kitchen/toilets, mezzanine levels are a great solution to the space challenges you are currently facing. 

Racking and shelving with storage mezzanine levels

Mezzanine floors are often used in commercial buildings to create extra storage space. A very common use for mezzanine levels is to construct racking and shelving units where surplus stock, paperwork, archiving, and other business items can be held safely, out of sight of any visitors you may have come into the building. Additional levels are a great addition to your facility as you can keep them completely private and only for staff use, or you can open them up to the general public if you have products or services on show. 

The benefit of adding a mezzanine level into your building is your newfound ability to keep your surplus items organised. When our paperwork and surplus products are often kept in a small room or cupboard, they can quickly become disjointed, disorganised and cluttered. Avoid this situation by constructing a designated place in your building where you can keep items safely tucked away in their proper place. Hence, they are readily available at a minute’s notice when you need them. 

Expanding your office space with mezzanine levels

During the pandemic, many of us worked from home and employers were forced to downsize offices to keep up with paying building rates and other associated costs. As more employees return to work, you may find your office filling with bodies more quickly than usual; worse still, you may run out of room! Adding a mezzanine level to your new office space not only gives you more room to sit your staff comfortably, but you are generally not subject to higher building rates as the level is built within your existing structure. 

If you need to use your ground floor level for a production line and your current offices are taking up too much space, you may want to think about installing a mezzanine level to place the admin team so that the production team can have more space. Mezzanine levels designed and installed by Mezz One are guaranteed to give your team a safe and productive space to work in for the foreseeable future. 

Create your perfect production line with a mezzanine level

It’s incredible how quickly a busy production line can take up the whole of your building space, leaving no room for others and, eventually, no room to finish your products before sending them out for distribution. Why not break up your production line and add a mezzanine level that will boost your space and give your team a more extensive area to work with? Mezzanine levels are capable of withstanding enormous weights thanks to their materials and the way they are built. 

Mezzanine levels from Mezz One are only ever of the highest quality, built to the required standards set by UK law and ready to stand the test of time. Our design team plans your perfect mezzanine floor in-house, and an appropriate external inspector signs off all work at every stage. Our team will work with you from the beginning of your project right through to providing aftercare and general support after your mezzanine has been installed and is in use. 

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Mezz One can design and install your mezzanine levels for your needs.

Our mezzanine services attempt to meet the growing demand of businesses needing to improve the space they have available, either to grow or simply to create additional space. Mezz One is a company committed to providing its clients with the highest service and products. The company has a range of different services on offer and has an experienced design service, as well as a bespoke, dismantle and relocation service, making it a one-stop shop for all mezzanine level needs.

If you are running out of space in your business location but are not ready to jump into a more significant building with higher rates, get in touch with Mezz One today and tell us about our mezzanine design and installation services. 


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