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Mezzanine floors have the ability to solve space issues that affect the efficiency and productivity of a business by capitalising on the free floor space above your head!

A very common issue that commercial buildings with high open roof space face is the lack of office accommodation or lack of appropriate office accommodation. A mezzanine floor can solve these problems by offering suitable office accommodation for your needs whilst at the same time maximising floor space, allowing your business to expand within its original environment.

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Easily Expand Your Square Footage

It is important that the image of your business is captured within the mezzanine floor design, which is why you can select the most suitable handrails, staircase and decking options to suit your company look. So whether you want to achieve the retail, office or warehouse image, we have the design options available.

All our office mezzanines are constructed to your unique requirements, incorporating specific design features that can improve the productivity and efficiency of your office. We visit all sites prior to any designs are drawn up, ensuring we understand what you and your business want from the mezzanine floor. Regardless of what you plan to use your mezzanine floor for, we can help.

Our office mezzanine floors are perfect for additional workspace, training or meeting areas, staff break rooms or even control rooms. Mezz One take care of the entire process, working alongside your business to design, plan and install the perfect mezzanine floor for you.

Office Mezzanine Floor Experts

Mezz One offer innovative office accommodation mezzanine floor designs to fit seamlessly into and optimise your business space. Mezz One provides fast mezzanine floor installation as all of our components are pre-fabricated prior to site assembly; keeping disruption, work time and cost to a minimum.

All of our mezzanine floors are seen through to completion by our expert engineers; from design to construction, following a pre-decided plan. Our mezzanine floors are designed as free standing structures which allowing them to be extendable and re-locatable as expansion occurs within your business.

No matter what size mezzanine you may need, we can help. Our years of industry experience mean we have extensive knowledge in planning and installing floors of all sizes and in all locations. Our team can also discuss partitioning systems, sound insulation and ceiling options with you to ensure your floor meets your needs.

To find out more about our mezzanine floor design, installation and manufacturers, or for information about our office fit outs and partitioning, contact our team today!

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